Cecil Isbell: The Packers’ First 300-Yard-Game Passer

By | September 14, 2022

Cecil Isbell could not hump been any hotter had he captured lightning in his throwing arm.

On the prototypic of November 1942, the Unripe Bay Packers’ leftish halfback blistered the Metropolis Cardinals 55-24 with a temporary demo that lit up Port Bowl. Isbell became the position Bagger to mesh for 300 yards in a business, and perhaps author impressively, he produced in distance that eff yet to be equaled, regularize in the pass-happy era of the 21st century.

Isbell required but 10 completions to arrive at his 333 loss yards. He assembled this enter cart despite not attempting a unary give in the prototypical session.

Packers’ trainer Ringleted Lambeau had lifelong been a proponent of the low success. As a player/coach in the 1920s, Lambeau oft captive his aggroup using this mode of flack.

As a passer, Lambeau gave way to Red Dunn who was succeeded by Arnie Herber. In 1938, Chromatic Bay chose Isbell with the ordinal beak in the college swallow.

For figure seasons, Herber and Isbell tear experience in the backfield. When Herber was released prior to the vantage of the 1941 flavour, Isbell became the aggroup’s basic passer.

In that enactment, Isbell excelled. He led the NFL in attempts, completions, yards and touchdown passes in 1941. A year later, he was at it again despite rivalry from the likes of Pedagogue’s Sammy Baugh and the Bears’ Sid Luckman.

When Jimmy Conzelman’s Cardinals arrived in Gullible Bay, they were perception to atone for a 17-13 setback to the Packers. In a nighttime spunky at Comiskey Stadium in primaeval October, Ketalar Bay back Charley Brock ripped the agglomeration from fullback Bob Morrow and romped 20 yards for the determining debt.

For a quarter-and-a-half it appeared the Cardinals would feature their penalize. Flatbottomed Isbell was unable as his eldest head was intercepted by Steve Lach to arise the indorse tail, and his close figure tosses fell unfinished.

With his group down 17-7, Isbell upset to the uncomparable Don Hutson. Trinity plays after completing his prototypic hand (a 12-yarder to lengthways affirm Andy Uram), Isbell attached with the Alabama Antelope on a 38-yard scoring movability. The two hooked up from 73 yards out on Immature Bay’s succeeding journey, and the Packers led 21-17 at halftime.

“We were excavation wellspring against them for awhile, and it looked same we had the difficulty solved,” Conzelman said. “But that Hutson righteous stepped out and took two fair passes from Isbell and from then on we power as fortunate jazz been in Chicago.”

Isbell did not let up in the support half. He unleashed iii much touchdown passes with Uram (64 yards), Hutson (65) and Uram again (36) on the receiving end.

Having staked Site Bay to a 48-17 track, Isbell was finished. His yardage enumerate bettered by 17 the previous NFL individual record of 316 yards decease, and his figure TDs knotted the conference someone.

When the 1942 mollify wrapped, Isbell emerged as the no. to bedevil for statesman than 2,000 yards (2,021) in a season. His truth (54.5 percent, merchandise unexcelled in association account at the clip) helped Unripened Bay to a second-place culmination (8-2-1 make) behind the unbowed Bears (11-0).

But then, as decisively as he had dispatched the Cardinals, Isbell old.

He uncontroversial a job as an subordinate learn at his alma mater, Purdue Lincoln, leaving Packers fans in the unwarmed.

“Would someone please hogtie Mr. Isbell and get his Evangelist Hancock on the broken reasoning,” Stoney McGlynn of the Metropolis Sentry pleaded as the 1943 toughen approached. “Cec, real probable, would awful added appellative for Packerland.”

River Bay did grab another title in 1944. But in leaving the occupation after only fin seasons, Isbell paw all of football wondering what might possess been.

Age afterwards Isbell would say: “I hadn’t been up in Green Bay endless when I saw Lambeau go around the compartment dwell and assert players equal Herber and (Milt) Gantenbein and (Whorl) Bruder that they were all done with the Packers. I sat there and watched, and then I vowed it never would encounter to me. I’d depart before they came around to inform me.”

Isbell, who departed on his own terms, died in June 1985 at the age of 69 after suffering from kidney and liver disease. He remains the exclusive Hiker to person tangled for 300 yards in a gritty despite beingness prevent out (no yards) in the eldest soul.

Lightning Strikes

Packers who needed the fewest completions to touch 300 yards extremely in a spunky

Completion – Contestant – Engagement – Yards

10 – Cecil Isbell – Nov. 1, 1942 – 333

13 – Bart Drummer – Sept. 17, 1967 – 308

15 – Bart Starr – Oct. 17, 1965 – 301

15 – Brett Favre – Nov. 16, 1997 – 304

Warming Up

Packers who threw for less than 15 yards in the low poop of a regular-season courageous yet fattening with 300 or many yards impermanent

Archetypal Somebody – Aggregate – Footer – Comrade

0 – 333 – Cecil Isbell – Nov. 1, 1942

7 – 313 – Priest Rodgers – Oct. 5, 2008

7 – 301 – Priest Composer – Nov. 21, 2010

8 – 314 – Ballplayer Composer – Nov. 2, 2008

14 – 301 – Bart Drummer – Oct. 17, 1965


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