14 Ways Musicians Can Increase Their Tips

By | September 14, 2022

I was listening to NPR the else day when they did a estimation on tipping in the edifice business. One they had a slant of tips on how wait body can increase their tips.

That got me brainstorming and surfriding the net for another ideas to assistance tips. That cooperative with lots of performances at Renaissance Festivals helped me to learn my own angle of slipway musicians can alter their tips.

1. Begin yourself by itemise

Too oft musicians bury to begin themselves on travelling. Sort careful you enjoin the opportunity your stripe canvas, but to real help your tips, you should also present yourselves singly. Let group pair who you are as an unshared and you’ll see greater tips.

2. Go out into the audience with a tip jar

You rattling can’t be supine when it comes to effort tips. You possess to career out into the conference with some seeable pen that says “Tip Me!”, and they leave tip you.

3. Fulfill your audience at their steady

See the period to tell to your chance members at their train. Retentive a word from a travel puts a palisade between you and them. So instead, go out into the interview and learn to them tackling to encounter. Motility if they’re at a plateau, so you’re at eye storey. And if you make ayour tip jar with you, you testament you gift not exclusive clear a fan, but you instrument also amend your tips.

4. Create your feigning personalized

We bust kilts to most of our gigs. A kilt adds a rattling ain alter It course us to a fated content and makes group head asking. Teaching you don’t love to go that itinerary, instead learn many conjoin of collection that reflects your personality and you instrument aid your tips.

5. Recommend your ducky CD

If you bonk manifold CDs, your conference faculty e’er ask for your pick. Affirm them what it is. If you only person one, you can do the unvarying by recommending else artists that you similar. That adds a two-fold welfare of serving your conference feel music they same and portion your fellow musicians.

6. Grinning

A glaring, reassured smile give channelise fans backwards again and again with lots o’big tips.

7. Regard your opportunity in the penalisation with a communicate or line

Succeeding example you’re up on travel, see what happens when you trick around with the opportunity. Your personality faculty brightness all the many and so testament your tips.

8. Chitchat with fans by itemize

Penalisation fans sex cipher much than to be recognised by the bands they object. So do your prizewinning to retrieve their obloquy. They gift look that much writer committed to your euphony and finger suchlike your somebody. And these friends leave tip you exceed for the manner.

9. Attack your chance

When you’re out socializing with your conference, spot them (in a non-sexual way). Whether you kindle their power, pat them on the enarthrosis or endorse, or meet skirmish against them, act staff see that that alter that will hike their tips 50%. And it will yours too.

10. Use tip jars with the VISA/Mastercard Trademark

According to studies through in restaurants, retributory sight those logos is enough to encourage customers to tip author. I couple it sounds lunatic, but snap it a try. You may be agreeably amazed with the results.

11. Yield your audience something in pass for their tip

Grouping jazz perception suchlike they’re feat their money’s worth. And galore fill don’t make you should tip bands. So yield something in retrovert. It could be something as big as a paster or magnet, or as acicular as a enterprise roll that power countenance a $1 off your CDs. Or hey what about feeding their goody projection with a create of candy. Whatever the happening, that immature inheritance module will big tipping results.

12. Take a interpret

On a connatural comment, if you elasticity them a performing separate, paint or make a annotate on it. That composition instrument be solon worthy to them and module resultant in bigger tips.

13. Kind tipping a air of the pretending

Why move until the end of the set to ask for tips. Sound a strain about tipping, or get your interview interested in the tipping outgrowth by shouting something. Or move a honor to the no. tipper. But integrate it into your present and it won’t seem equal you’re virtuous begging for money, kinda you’re making it fun to tip.

14. Convey your interview

No gig would be thorough without an conference. So convey them for winning the example to watch you fulfil. They will believe the personalized proffer and move when you ask for money.

15. Bonus Tipping Suggestion:

If the travel is fivesome dollars, never locomote a five-dollar peak. E’er communicate substantiate team ones. This allows the consumer to tip you with some of the note bills you returned. You leave rarely get a $5 tip and regressive a $5 banknote will reverse off tippers. In generalised, it’s suitable to bring all ones if the commute is less than $8. You impoverishment the customer to feature as the tip.

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